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Alphatrout, by Leanne Bridgewater


A YouTube playlist published by Apple Pie Editions 2015


ISBN: 978-1-909388-14-7


Chindōgu is the art of making useless inventions, a useless art invented by Kenji Kawakami. And in language play, you will find "Chindōgma" (my self-coined word) to describe how we are brought up learning the orders of language. But we may inhabit that dogma with play, where the useless reinvention of the formal gives birth to Alphatrouts. Sometimes, these narratives slip away even from our control.


Escapology fans! This (Spike) Milliganesque trash tv might be something you need to watch out for when you've fled Kurt Schwitter's Ursonate, Christian Bok's Eunoia and Bob Cobbing's fishy alphabets.