Poetic practitioner in the key of a visual writer. Her work stems from experimentation of word order and unconventional rhyme, to phonic chants and visual grafitti. Her drawings are said to belong to Pareidolia: seeing faces within patterns.


Her performances and readings have included visual puns where a tomato is placed on a toe, an orchestra of hairdryers, collaborations with multiple language spreakerss and the more formal addressed (e.g. reading from a page).


She was awarded a Foyle Young poet at 17. At 23 she graduated from The University of Salford with an MA in Creative Writing: Innovation & Experiment (distinction). In 2015 she was shortlisted for the Melita Hume Poetry Prize.


Her debut collection, Confessions of a Cyclist, an epic poem on cycling around Coventry was published in 2016 with Knives Forks and Spoons Press. See here



There is a blurry line between her art and poetry, with words marrying visuals and visuals cohabiting with language.


She first started writing from the age of 10, and carried on writing through her teens. At 15, she joined Birmingham Youth Poets and started reading/performing around the Midlands. In her late teens, she started drawing. Animals are seen throughout her work. From her 3,000-word sentence on Sentient beings (STOMA press, 2013) to her drawings where many birds are captured.


She is currently creating a Colour Therapy colouring book for both adults and children. Find her multimedia work here on Youtube.